Glass Blowing Classes

We have a variety of classes to offer students.  Our taste for glass is the most popular,  its a great bucket list class, below is our class option


Kids Classes

We often host kids birthday parties. A professional artist works one on one with each child helping them create their very own paper weight or ornament. The child chooses their own colors and shapes and molds their glass piece. We recommend ages 7 and up, good sized parties 1-12 kids. The glass has to cool over night in an annealing process, pieces will be available for pick up the following day COST: $50 + GST/person


Taste For Glass Class

The Taste for Glass is our most popular class.  This 30 minutes long class has you working one on one with a professional glass artist, teaching you the steps along the way.  You get the option of making 1 drinking glass, 2 ornaments or 2 paper weights. This is a high level class, where you get to sit in the hot seat and shape your masterpiece(s) while watching them come to life with your creativity.

This is a great option for date night, birthday parties, friend's night out, wedding parties and team building.  With two benches and two instructors we can do 4 people an hour. Bring some snacks and treats with you while the magic happens.

Scheduling is very accommodating, it is first come first serve. Call to book a time slot that works for you, based on our calendar days of operation.

COST: $90 + GST/person

WANT TO GET MORE CREATIVE?  Try one of our longer classes


2 Hour Glassblowing

Want to get more creative? Try our 2 hour glassblowing. This class is much like our Taste For Glass Class, but you make multiple pieces big and small.  In this class you work one on one with a professional glass artists to help you create unique items.

Unlike other studios our classes are intimate with a max of 2 individuals per session.  Grab a date and experience this hands on.

Scheduling is very accommodating, it is first come first serve. Call to book a time slot that works for you, based on our calendars days of operation

COST: $240 + GST/person



2 Day Workshops

Has glassblowing always been something you wanted to know more about? Our workshops are intimate and hands on, with 2 students (unless otherwise requested, 4 max) Each day consists 3 hours, with 2 students 2 teachers. In the 2 day workshop we start with the basics and on day 2 we get more in-depth. You will learn how to blow the perfect starting bubble, how to marver your glass on a metal surface. Learn more about the temperature control, manipulation of glass and color concepts. Come with project ideas and let us help you create it.

Call to book a time slot, 2 days are booked on weekday evening  5-9pm, based on our calendar days of operation.

 2 DAY COST: $595 + GST/person



Class Ad Ons

Coming for a group function? Team building, birthday or just a fun day out with friends? If you choose to come and enjoy a glass adventure we can ad too it. Have us do a demonstration for the group. We can make a beautiful vase or bowl to take home; give to the birthday girl or keep for the office. You choose the colors. COST $175 + GST