You Gotta Try This

Interested in glassblowing? You are among friends, we offer a variety of classes to suit your needs. All classes are hosted within our unique mobile studio. To give you an experience to remember, class sizes never exceed 3 people!

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One-On-One With An Artist

Make Two Ornaments - Christmas will be here before you know it, try making handmade gifts for you or loved ones. Will do the hard work, while you design two of your very own Christmas ornaments.  

Cup Class - Just want to try it for yourself? Will do all the hard lifting, while you play with the hot glass molding and shaping it!  

2 Hour Class(Introductory Class) - Just want to try your hand at a new art form? Play with the hot glass and see how it moves with little influence, it will intrigue you!!

2 Day Class - Take a guided tour of the hot glass process with a professional artist. Experience and play with hot glass as a liquid, flowing like honey, at 1200 degrees! (This package is an unforgettable and popular gift.)

4 Day Class - For those who want to create something with their own two hands and learn from a veteran artist. Play with hot, molten glass, learn the fundamentals of glassblowing, and explore your creative side. Tame the wild and ancient craft!

When we are situated/set up, classes run from 6pm - 10pm on weekdays, and 2pm-7pm weekends unless special arrangements are made


  • Small classes- lots of one-on-one instruction (maximum 3 people per class)
  • Keep the teacher's work- demonstration pieces are included in all packages
  • No supplies needed- we provide all tools, gear, and glass color for projects

Have questions?  We can help.