The Art of Making Art Entertaining

Uploaded by Joekellycalgary on 2015-12-14.

The Glass House's touring glass blowing experience was created by Mandy Patchin and Kai George Scholefield in 2014. We developed this type of studio to grow awareness of this ancient art, grow the glass blowing community, gain meaningful connections among different communities, and share our creative ideas.

Kai and Mandy appreciate the art of improvisation, and the theatrics of glass blowing, so it felt natural to combine elements of a travelling attraction where fashionably inappropriate humor and fire may co-exist.

The live show has been said to contain the ingredients of a concert, a play, a comedy routine, and a lecture (yes, a lecture, you will be educated)- all through the informally choreographed dance steps required to create complex glass art (in front of an audience).

In 2018 we ended up pivoting the business and bringing on many new members to the Glass House Team, these changes included a name change and a hierarchy change as well. With our new team at Glass House there is over approximately 35 years of experience. With this experience comes travel, lectures and international art shows. Welcoming to the team Carli Castle, Nicholas Baldock, Alana Biffert, Larissa Manser and Beth Cartwright.

The next evolutionary step for the Glass House will be to begin a tour across North America, and collaborate with organizations, institutions and communities along the way. After going though our pivotal changes in 2018 we are excited to live up to our name, XPERIENCE. Stay tuned for updates!