Interesting Glass Blowing Facts Old and New

Did you know....

  • First Glass vessels was produced by Egyptians in 15th Century B.C.

  • Glass vessel production begins on the Italian peninsula at the start of Roman Republic ~ 500 B.C.

  • Ancient Historian Pliny suggests shipwrecked Phoenician sailors accidentally discovered glass making ~23-79 A.D. 

  • The book L'Arte Vetraria (The Art of Glass) by Antonio Neri was published, sharing the secrets of glass and glass making with the world 17th Century A.D. 

  • The Automatic bottle blowing machine is invented by Micheal Owens, allowing production of millions of light bulbs a day, and eliminating child labor in the glass making industry 1903 AD

  • Our studios glass reaches 1200 degrees Celsius before we start using it to make vessels and art forms.
  • Glass has to stay above 500 degrees Celsius when working with it or it will go through thermal shock and crack.
  • Glass House Fine Art Collective is Canada's first mobile studio on the back of a truck.
  • We deal with many outside elements on our mobile studio, making it more difficult to read the glass
  • We love bringing the theatrics, education and fun involved in glass making to people like you!!