Youth Summer Camps 2016 (ages 12-17)

We are pretty excited to be hosting 4 different youth summer camps in July and August 2016. We will be sharing our knowledge of art, science, history and team building with developing young minds through a week long glass blowing camp.  Throughout this program students 12-17 year olds will get hands on experience with a variety of glass techniques including glassblowing, glass painting and glass fusion. Each day the students will use their own inspiration and creativity to complete one project.

We have 2 five day camps in July located in the communities of Cranston and New Brighton and 2 five day camps in August located in the communities of Strathcona and Mahogany. please see our events page for more information. We look forward to teaching young bright minds!!

Check out our events page for details, or go directly to our classes page to register!


All things come to those who order them...

Our equipment arrived and has been tested and now is ready to be put on the truck for final tweaking.

We ordered 3 major pieces of equipment for this touring hot glass studio:

1) The glass melt furnace - heats up the glass to 1200C where it stays molten!

2) Reheating station - after getting the glass out of the furnace to shape, it cools quickly and becomes hard to shape. This bad boy heats it up again.

3)Annealer - glass cools down slowly in this oven like device after you are done shaping a piece, otherwise it will crack if you left it out in the open!